Frequently asked questions

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Rendex facilitates larger scale B2B crypto payments allowing businesses in all industries to take full advantage of blockchain technology in their day to day financial operations.

Rendex offers a range of comprehensive services to meet your currency exchange and cryptocurrency needs. Our platform allows you to receive multiple currencies and manage IBAN accounts for seamless transactions. Whether you want to buy or sell virtual currencies, we support both bank transfers and credit card processing, providing you with flexibility and convenience. Additionally, we facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies and vice versa, enabling you to seamlessly transition between digital and traditional assets. Our platform also provides live transaction monitoring, ensuring transparency and security throughout your exchange process. With our PSP liquidity, you can easily access funds and process transactions with ease. Rendex allows you to receive wires without any minimum or maximum limits, providing you with freedom and flexibility in managing your finances. Furthermore, our fast KYB/KYC verification process ensures a smooth onboarding experience. Lastly, we offer competitive fees for our exchange services, ensuring that you receive excellent value for your transactions. Rendex is your trusted partner for all your currency exchange and cryptocurrency needs.

At Rendex, we prioritize trust and transparency. We have a proven track record of delivering reliable and secure services to our clients. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support and ensuring the highest level of data protection. With our robust security measures, rigorous KYB/KYC verification process, and adherence to regulatory standards, you can trust us to safeguard your assets and provide a seamless trading experience. We strive to earn and maintain your trust by offering competitive rates, efficient transactions, and a user-friendly platform. Choose Rendex for a trusted partner in your cryptocurrency and financial transactions.

To buy or sell crypto, place an order on our website. Before being able to place the order, you will have to upload basic KYC documents. Wire funds to one of our banking solutions and receive coins to your specified crypto wallet. If you want to sell crypto, enter your credentials, sign the online agreement and send crypto to the wallet we issue to you. Receive the equivalent in preferred fiat currency to your bank account. All you need is to follow the instructions sent to your email.

We are a fully compliant, licensed crypto-exchange. This is why all our customers have to pass a KYC procedure that involves providing us with necessary documents in response to anti-money laundering laws and directives.

When you decide on the crypto coin you want to acquire, locate a reputable wallet. Each cryptocurrency has an official wallet. When you create a wallet, you automatically receive an address and a private key. Keep your private key confidential and don't share it with anyone, even if they ask. For security reasons, we will never ask for your private keys and neither should anyone else.

Our KYC procedure is automated, therefore we encourage you to follow the instructions in order to be guided throughout the verification flow. In order to pass the KYC (know-your-customer) procedure, you will have to submit a valid proof of identity (ID/Passport/Drivers license), a proof of address, such as an utility bill or a bank statement not older than three months and a proof of payment (statement proving the transaction to Rendex). After submitting the documents, you will have to perform the advanced liveliness check, consisting of a short video in which our software will perform the biometrical face recognition and link it to the account owner. Note that when the total transaction amount is exceeding 10,000 euro or our risk indicators are triggered, we may also require a source of funds which can be a bank statement, stating the last three months, including the transactions sent to Rendex. Bank statements from electronic money institutions will be declined.

We currently accept major currencies such as EURO, USD and GBP.

You will get the coins as soon as your fiat transaction arrives into our account and is verified by our compliance team. Once the transaction is finalized, an invoice will be issued and sent to you through your registered email address.

Rendex is GDPR compliant. We guarantee storing the information safely. Our company collects data and documents solely for matters relating your transaction orders. We do not share or sell user data without the users given consent. For safety reasons we recommend: 1. uploading documents directly on our platform or sending them to compliance@rendex.io 2. accepting requests only from Rendex verified accounts: info@rendex.io, compliance@rendex.io, support@rendex.io . Do not send documents, data or respond to any requests from other email accounts. 3. contacting us regarding any concerns about your data and privacy.

Yes, it is! We are a licensed company. All of our services are compliant with the latest AML and KYC policies. In addition, each financial operation you conduct is supported by a corresponding official document proving the legal origin of the purchased or sold coins.